Thank you for visiting the Tabernacle of Prayer, for All People online. The mission of TOP is ministering to the needs of the people, as they are, and encouraging relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage you to explore the site, and any resources that we have to offer.
Angel Food Ministries
Tabernacle of Prayer for all People is excited to partner with Angel Food Ministries in providing high quality, low cost food to those in our community. Through this ministry, we provide affordable food to those who need it, and those who may desire deeply discounted groceries
Food Pantry
Free canned goods, staples, and other items as supplies last. No registration required.
Domestic Violence Intervention
The National Domestic Violence Initiative works within our communities to end domestic and sexual violence through education, advocacy, prvention and support
HIV & AIDS Support
Locally, over 2.7 million people are infected, but dont know it.
Knowing is half the battle. Get tested.
Tutoring Available
Call for appointment.
Legal assistance with disability applications or questions available now.
Call for apointment.
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donations online
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